Donations made by individual taxpayers resident in Italy to Fondazione Ennio De Rigo Onlus are tax-deductible in two alternative ways.

First case: deduction from gross taxes payable

Pursuant to article 15, paragraph 1.1 of TUIR, an amount equal to 26% of all donations (up to a maximum amount of €30,000 per annum) may be deducted from the gross amount of income tax payable in Italy (IRPEF).

Second case: deduction from taxable income

Pursuant to art. 83, para. 2, of Legislative Decree 117/2017 (known as the “Non-profit code”), donations made to Fondazione De Rigo Onlus may be deducted from taxable income. This regulatory provision is temporary (art. 104, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 117/2017), applying beginning in the 2018 fiscal year for non-profit associations registered in the appropriate registers. According to the new rules, as alternative to deduction from gross taxes payable, it is therefore possible to deduct payments made to non-profit associations from the amount of taxable income, up to 10% of the total taxable income declared. The deductible amount exceeding this limit of 10% of total taxable income following all deductions may be deducted in subsequent fiscal years, but no later than the fourth fiscal year, up to the total amount of the deduction.

Pursuant to art. 100, paragraph 2, letter h) of TUIR, donations made to Fondazione Ennio De Rigo by corporate entities (paying corporate income tax), are deductible up to an amount of Euro 30,000 or a limit of 2% of the reported business income. In the case of corporate entities, therefore, the benefit still consists of deductibility of the cost incurred.


In any case, in order to enjoy these tax benefits, donations must be made at a bank or post office, or using another traceable payment system, such as, for example, bank or postal transfer of funds, debit card, credit card, cheque, etc.

Donations made in cash are not tax-deductible.

Fondazione Ennio De Rigo issues receipts for all donations, attesting to its status as a non-profit association.

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