On occasion of the Group's 40th anniversary, the De Rigo family chose to celebrate this important milestone by accomplishing a lifelong dream.

“The Fondazione is a dream come true - something we profoundly believe in.

With this project, we want to make a concrete commitment to supporting children and young people as they grow and give back - to our local area and beyond - a part of what I have received over the past decades".

Ennio De Rigo


The logotype - fruit of the creative collaboration with the Venice branch of the European Institute of Design - is based on a metaphor, that of the hot air balloon, which in order to fly needs to leave the weights and ballasts that keep it stationary on the ground, but also some warmth and a good wind to direct it.

In the interpretation given to the Fondazione De Rigo logo, the ballasts represent the weight of the difficulties of less fortunate people who, however, have the opportunity to cast them off, leave them on the ground and take flight. The Fondazione plays the role of the ‘favourable wind’, guiding young people in the right direction to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

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